Symposium 2017

Some years ago, I attended a Japanese sword-arts summer-school organized by Senseii Kim Tailor at his Seidokan club in Guelph.

It was most enjoyable, but one of the nicest interludes was a symposium one afternoon that was held in a student pub. There was something incredibly satisfying about sitting with wine or beer in hand, listening to the delivery of a number of academic papers on the martial arts followed by questions and discussion.

Starting about four years ago I promoted this concept to the Canadian Taijiquan Federation as a community-building initiative. I am pleased that the current executive headed by Shifu Steve Holbert (Phoenix Tai Chi, London Ontario) took this idea up. The result was a most successful event that was hosted by Cold Mountain Internal Arts in the Huether Hotel, Waterloo Ontario, on Saturday Sept. 30th. It is to be hoped that this is an inaugural event. Plans are already underway for a follow-up hosted by two clubs in another city.

The accompanying video by Cold Mountain member Aleks Petrovic provides a lovely overview of the afternoon. Enjoy!

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