Neutralization in Tai Chi

In a previous installment mention was made of the necessity for play. That's where this video starts, with a brief bit of three-way pushing hands play between myself and two old Tai Chi friends - Steve Yee and Bruce Andaloro.

But the focus of the following workship was on hwa-jin - neutralization. Jin means refined power. That's the kind of power you have when everything is lined up in support and your spirit, intent and qi are united.

Hwa-jin is the fifth in the traditional taxonomy of twenty-five different energies:

1. Sticking / Zhan nian 2. Listening / Ting 3. Receiving / Zou 4. Comprehending / Dong 5. Neutralizing / Hwa

So these are the jins at play in this video. Illustration is briefly made, with the assistance of Allan Haddad, of the next two in the list:

6. Enticing / Yin 7. Seizing / Na

Employing the method I learned from Master Sam Masich, what this workshop is about is three of the 4 methods of Sensing Hands: rolling, pivoting and transferring. The two methods of rolling are also demonstrated in combination in the movement called Two Fishes.

This last method, and my understanding throughout, is very much conditioned by my practice of the Old Yang middle-frame.

My thanks to Allan and to all who participated.

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